Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots System


Since 2016, SKY-HERO designs, develops and produces a Unified Indoor Tactical Recon System, including an extended array of high-end unmanned aerial and terrestrial robots and, an innovative firmware, dedicated to a wide range of tactical situations, improving scouting and decision-making capabilities.


Fully developed, tested, and manufactured in Europe, the SKY-HERO’s Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots System has already been deployed to over 1,000 special operations teams worldwide.

Fly & Drive

Control cutting edge aerial drone and ground rover within minutes of training and benefit of extensive piloting capabilities, unique recon and react features.

Collect & Broadcast

Safely perform recon and data collection tasks with extreme precision within complex and unsafe indoor environments

Analyze & Anticipate

Give enhanced tactical advantage to military, law enforcement, government, and security teams by providing realtime actionable intelligence.


See it in action


A smart operating firmware infusing the entire tactical ecosystem with innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence components

One for All
Odyssy helps you operate with the complete SKY-HERO’s robotics suite and assets by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled capabilites
High-Tech DNA
Odyssy is built on best in-class sotware architecture and based on realtime operating system tuned by innovative coding and AI
Tailored to Operators
Highly convenient to reduce losses and enable the execution of high profile and time-sensitive missions by allowing operators to focus on their mission
Operating firmware
sUAV Recon System
Sigyn MkI
sUGV Recon System
Narfi MkI

Pole Camera Head

Ground Control Station

To pilot the vectors, to activate the payloads

Sound & light distractions
Tactical Wearable Screen

Pack, Pouches & Covers

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