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sUAV Recon System

Ruggedized small tactical quadcopter designed for short-range reconnaissance in dark indoor obstacle-rich environments and GPS-denied areas


The Loki MkII is the most incredible indoor small tactical UAV system in the world, fully purpose built for close quarter, under roof, tactical scouting missions.

Operating in congested and dark environment, its purpose is to place a microphone and a camera practically anywhere to collect critical life-saving intelligence of immediate threats ahead of a team.

It enables reliable and rapid situational awareness for precise decision making, while maximizing the team’ safety.

Key features

sUAV Recon System

Impact Resistant

Body structure made of impact resistant polycarbonate, based on high-pressure mold injection process

Accurate Detection

Forward-facing ultra low light, day/night camera with 150° wide angle field of view, without fisheye

3D Position Hold

GPS-like position hold using complex algorithms based on advanced computer vision

Field Proven

Deployed by 1000+ tactical teams worldwide on multiple fields of operations



  • Rapid deployment design allowing for hand thrown take-off, and precise assisted landing
  • Optimized modes for indoor operations, such as Floor (rover style) , Turtle (smart directional flip) …
  • Precise 3D position hold without GPS, even in total darkness
  • Self-generated independent communication networks offering complete cybersecurity
  • Intuitive and simplified piloting using automatic altitude hold & speed control functions
  • Analog audio/video signal, scrambled via FPGA, which prevents lag or screen freezes
  • Dimmable and selectable IR LEDs on front and bottom providing flight stability, video clarity and NVGs lighting without typical snowflake effect
  • Complete telemetry data, performance indicators for sensors, and estimated remaining flight time on pocket-fit multi-sUV Ground Controller display


sUAV Recon System

Average speed
10m/s 20kt
Flight Endurance
Sentry Endurance
Range Line of Sight
1,6km I 1mi
Range No Line of Sight
150m I 164yd
Weight w/o battery
380gr I 0,83 lb
Payload max weight
150gr I 0,33 lb
Ops Temperature
-20°C to 50°C I -4°F to 122°F
C&C Encryption
C&C: 868/915 MHz A/V: 5.8 GHz
Power Supply
LiPo3S 2400mAh Replaceable | <15 sec
Basic equipment
6-axis IMU, Barometer, Sonar, Optical Flow, EO/IR Camera, HD Mic, 4x IR LEDs
  • Additional hardpoint for payloads,sensors, and actuators
  • Tactical Watch Screen to feed entire team with sUAV A/V intel
  • Custom backpack and pouch
Loki MkII Tactical sUAV Product Sheet in ENGLISH


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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