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Tactical Wearable Screen

Robust and small multichannel monitor providing each member of the intervention squadron with a high resolution 3.5 inch screen mountable on arm or any support to allow hands free operation


Once secured on the wrist, this compact screen allows you to visualize the video and audio intel, live streamed by up to 4 separate unmanned systems – Loki MkII, Sigyn MkI and Narfi MkI – whether in motion or in sentry mode.

Thanks to this additional monitor, each member of the assault team will be fed, in real time, the audio-video intel from all vehicles currently deployed by the pilot.

Real-time transmitted A/V information greatly facilitates tactical transmission, enhance the situational awareness and enables a faster response to hazards encountered

Key features

Tactical Wearable Screen

Up to 4 Streams

By pressing the 4 channel buttons, an agent can easily switch between the A/V live stream transmitted by the deployed vehicles

Sturdy Frame

Built out of high-grade aluminium and polycarbonate and protected with a 1.0mm Corning Gorilla Glass screen for extra durability

Bodyworn Design

Ergonomic shape and fastening systems to be wrist-worn in perfect combination with other tactical gear

Field Proven

Deployed by 1000+ tactical teams worldwide on multiple fields of operations

Key features

sUAV Recon System

Monitor Weight
145 g | oz
Power Supply Embedded & Rechargeable
Li-ion Cell 3.7V 1800mAh
Run time
150 min
Housing Material
Polycarbonate & Aluminium
Ops Temperature
-20°C to 50°C -4°F to 122°F
Frequency Range
Same as main control station
Wireless Encryption
Scrambled video
Reception Range
250 m | ft
Monitor Diagonal Size
2,7 inch
Monitor Resolution
960x240 px
Power USB-C - Audio-Video Out jack 2.5 - Headphone jack 2.5 - Ext. antenna MMCX
  • External mmcx antenna connector for increased range or deported antenna
  • Universal attachement system with multiple mounting possibilities : armwatch, picatinny rail,
    second screen on your gcs …
  • 4 easily accessible buttons which give quick access to pre-programmed frequencies and
    enable instant switch between the feed of up to 4 deployed vehicules
  • Easy to use visual interface to change the preprogrammed frequencies or modify the
    screen parameters
  • Equipped with Sky-Hero’s 8-bit FPGA de-scrambling capability
  • Embedded with 2 jack connectors to plug headphones for audio feed and
    to stream out the Audio/Video feed
  • USB-C connector for charging the embedded battery or
    connecting an external batter


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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