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Pole Camera Head

A lightweight, remote-controlled, pole-mounted or stand-alone IR/colour perimeter surveillance device to respond quickly to emerging recon requirements


Designed for both day and night operations, our modular video surveillance system gives tactical operators an additional powerful tool for covert investigations by quickly detecting threats.

The Narfi MkI wireless tactical pole camera extends the tactical inspection with its extreme low light sensitivity and IR mode for night vision. It also features an omni-directional microphone.

All in a compact, ruggedised body with an embedded payload connector to plug and control Sky-Hero’s interchangeable payloads.

Key features

Secured Wireless

Trusted A/V transmission & camera control without any cables. Operable in wifi, 4/5G network-denied areas

Mounted or detached

Mounted on telescopic pole with extending capability up to 3 m | 9,8 ft or detached to be clamped on gear or glued in sentry mode on a wall

Operational assistance

Additionaly to video and audio capture capabilities, distractive sound and light payloads can be plugged directly on the camera head

Multiple Controllers

Full wireless control via the GCS MKII & basic setup via a cable-connected Tactical Wearable Screen

Key Advantages

  • Full vision via night/day camera with a 150° viewing angle coupled with dimmable IR LEDs leaving no room for blind spots in full light or total darkness
  • Analog audio/video signal, scrambled via FPGA, streamed to the main remote controller, GCS MkII
  • While Narfi can be ccontrolled wirelessly by a GCS, its basic functions can also be activated via wired Sky-Hero tactical wearable screen.
  • Self-generated independent communication networks offering complete cyber-security
  • Built-in mounting system allowing the camera to be pointed in any direction regardless of the attachment point
  • Tactical Wearable Screen to feed entire team with pole camera A/V intel
  • Optimized mode for stealth/ indoor operations


Image Sensor
1/2 in” CCD
Min. Illumination
O.0001 Lux
Lens & View Angle
Burst Level
Weight w/o battery
375 gr | 13,2 oz
Weight w/o battery
380gr I 0,83 lb
Ops Temperature
-20°C to 50°C I -4°F to 122°F
C&C Encryption
C&C: 868/915 MHz A/V: 5.8 GHz
Power Supply
2x Li-Ion 3000m Ahc peplaceable | <30 sec
300 min. internal battery
Narfi MkI Tactical Camera head Product Sheet in ENGLISH


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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