sUGV Recon System

Pocket sized, lightweight throwable ground robot, purpose-built to collect and transmit real-time audio/video intelligence with extreme ease of use

The Sigyn MkI is a rugged, simple-to-use, throwable ground device designed to deliver support for indoor operations in difficult to access and hazardous places.

Designed and made in Europe with top in-class materials, this little robot will sustain heavy use and deliver reliable Audio/Video situational awareness.

Our Odyssy compatible sUGV provides the operator with front and back wide angle low light cameras, eight controlable IR LEDs and payload connection system as to execute complex tactical mission from a safe stand-off distance, in any light conditions.

Key features

sUGV Recon System

Crash Proof

Main skeleton made of aviation grade carbon fiber and reinforced polycarbonate frames

Dual Camera

Embedded inertial motion sensor allowing smart drive modes and automatic forward facing camera selection

One-Hand Throw

Light micro unmanned rover conceived to be thrown where needed to explore and relay intel

Removable Batteries

Uses market-standard batteries, swapped within 30 seconds



  • Embedded 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope offering the pilot with multiple assisted driving modes
  • Good shock resistance due to his lightweight design and rugged construction. Can be dropped in a basement, thrown onto a roof or fall down stairs as it sustains falls up to 6m | 19,6 ft
  • Symetrical design and oversized wheels, allowing the ground robot to negotiate small obstacles, turn in place at a high degree of precision CW/CCW and never be knocked over
  • High situational awareness thanks to dual night/day camera with a 150° angle of view
  • Analog A/V signal, scrambled via FPGA, which prevents lag or screen freezes
  • Dimmable and selectable IR LEDs on front, back and top providing excellent video clarity and NVGs lighting without typical snowflake effect
  • Controlled by a multi-sUV Ground Controller, GCS MkII, allowing an operator to select from across until 4 connected unmanned vehicles


sUGV Recon System

Average speed
1,7m/s I 3,8mph
Flight Endurance
Sentry Endurance
150m I 164yd
Weight w/o battery
1150gr I 2,53lb
Max Payload
2kg I 4,40lb
Ops Temperature
-20°C to 50°C I -4°F to 122°F
C&C: 868/915 MHz A/V: 5.8 GHz
Power Supply
2x Li-Ion 3000mAh Replaceable | <30 sec
Basic equipment
6-axis IMU, 2x EO/IR Camera, HD Microphone, 8x IR LEDs
  • Integrated connector for additional payloads, sensors, and actuators
  • Tactical Watch Screen to feed entire team with sUAV A/V intel
  • Custom backpack and pouch


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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