Vertical Camera System

Lightweight vertical camera payload that plugs onto Loki MkII tactical drone to give it an extra angle of view and reveal things that weren’t on screen before

Additional advanced technologies are often required to successfully achieve tactical objectives in complex indoor environments. For such situations, our sUAV can extend its operational capabilities with an additonal camera.

Sky-Hero’s Vertical Camera Payload adds a new dimension to drone control and detection of hidden potential threats. With a 150° horizontal and 120° vertical viewing angle, the 45° downward facing embedded camera allows the operator to scan an area that the front camera cannot simultaneously cover.

Its control software is fully integrated with our compatible GCS MkII controller, allowing the operator to switch from the front camera to the vertical camera video stream at any time.

Key features

Vertical Camera System

Viewing Experience

It redefines the vertical observation perspective, providing a new vantage point for easy piloting and intel gathering

IR Sensitive

Built-in camera for day and night use with high sensitivity in low light condition

Plug and Go

Easy to install without tools and immediately operational thanks to Sky-Hero’ self-adaptative algorithms and control features

Light Design

Specifically designed to be hooked onto Sky-Hero drone where weight and unnecessary complexity is kept to a minimum

Key features

Vertical Camera System

  • Our vertical camera payload provides uncrewed vehicle operators with a new option in operational situations. It enhances the flight context by making it easier to determine the orientation of stairs, for example, or to locate a narrow passageway in a ceiling. It also helps gather evidence or identify threats that would otherwise be difficult to detect, such as those that might be present in a fully loaded truck/container, or a warehouse full of boxes and materials.
  • Mounted on our Loki MkII, it supports operations in challenging, confined environments and helps your team solve complex missions.


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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