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Light Distraction System

Powerful multi function light distraction payload which can be hooked to odyssy compatible suav/sugv and provide them with several light and laser capabilities


Additional advanced technologies are often required to successfully achieve tactical objectives in complex under roof environments.

For such situations, our sUGV and sUAV can increase their operational capabilities by carrying dedicated Odyssy compatible payloads.

Light distraction Payload embeds multiple powerful light sources, packed in a small rugged aviation grade aluminium shell. The extremely powerful forward facing torch or strobe white LED, the green laser pointer, and the full programmable RGB LEDs will provide a strong tactical advantage from a safe distance.

The control software for this payload is fully integrated into our Odyssy compatible controller, GCS MkII.

Key features

Light Distraction System

Fits All Devices

The payloads can be used indiscriminately on both unmanned vehicles, Loki MkII and Sigyn MkI

Plug and Go

Easy to install without tools and immediately operational thanks to Sky-Hero’ self adaptative algorithms and control features


Distraction capabilities provided by strobe light; and operationnal assistance thanks to the blinking RGBs and the embedded laser

Light Design

Specifically designed to be hooked onto mobile platforms where weight and unnecessary complexity is kept to a minimum

Key features

Light Distraction System

White LED

for spotlight & strobe modes

Luminous Flux – 1880 lm
Electrical Power  Р15,1 W

for designation mode

Color – Green (505-530 nm)
Spot Size – < 4,5 mm | 1,77 inch
Dimension – O 10×18 mm
Output Power – < 4mW

for signaling mode

Red Luminous Flux –¬† max 280 lm
Green Luminous Flux – max 560 lm

Blue Luminous Flux – max 250 lm
White Luminous Flux – max 710 lm

  • Our light distraction payload opens new possibilities to unmanned vehicle operators in a wide range of applications. It not only brings visible light to dark areas, it can temporarily blind and confuse a suspect, help to chase him in total darkness, save time helping collect evidences that would be difficult to see inside dark places. But also, design objects or peaple using the green laser pointer and communicate with your team or a K9 through pre-set RGB light patterns.
  • Mount it on our Loki MkII or Sigyn Mk1 to reach remote risky environments and help your team solving complex missions


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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