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Tactical Handheld Controller

Small and robust ground controller with highly intuitive cybersecure interface to control and monitor multiple unmanned vehicles and activate their plug-in payloads and sensors


Ruggedized and very lightweight, designed to fit operator’s bodyworn equipment, the GCS MkII has an intuitive control interface delivering the best viewing experience for any pilot in any lighting environment.

It has been conceived as the ideal tactical controller to manage flights and/or drives and collect intel during challeging operations.

On top of not being connected to any public network, the GCS MkII uses a strong encryption algoritmh to secure data related to control of unmanned vehicles and activation of payloads; making it virtually unhackable

Key features

Tactical Handheld Controller

Up-to 4 sUAV/sUGV

Control in parallel of up-to 4 vehicles giving a single operator multiple tools to collect intel


With no protruding parts, the GCS can easily fit into any operator’s pocket or on his chest in his custom-made cover

Indoor RF Efficency

The GCS embeds top-in-class RF technology that offers the best range for interior and out-of-sight operations whatever the obstacles

No Public Networks

Purpose built flight controller that does not require internet service, GPS, or a phone or tablet for deployement



  • Robust against any communication delay and offering progressive signal degradation, our GCS provides the operator with steady and reliable AES 256 encrypted control of the unmanned vehicles
  • Deployable antennas, integrated joysticks, all aspects completely flush with outer structure
  • Diversified analog audio-video receptors, running a 8 bit FPGA scrambling while avoiding any lag or frozen pictures
  • No cellular network, GPS, applications or smartphones required
  • Audio-video RCA output
  • Wireless observer mode for team leader
  • Multi GCS cooperative mode (wired or wireless)
  • SD port for software revision and upgrades

Key features

Tactical Handheld Controller

200 min
Weight battery incl
640 gr | 1,41 lb
Ops Temperature
-20°C to 50°C -4°F to 122°F
Power Supply
Li-Ion 6300 mAh Embedded Battery 3,7V
Video Reception
99 db dual ISM receivers 5,8 Ghz - Embedded 9 dbi ceramic array antenna - FPGA scrambled
868-915 UHF - AES256 encrypted - Main control CRSF - 2,4 Ghz Mesh-system Embedded Battery 3,7V (GCS coop mode)
- USB-C main connector - Audio out jack 3,5 mm - Audio-video out/in jack 3,5 mm
  • Waterproof tailor-made holster (up to 10m)
  • Wired Safe-Trigger to delegate payload actication to a second operator


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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