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Sound Distraction System

Less lethal, reloadable sound distraction payload system which can be hooked to odyssy compatible suav/sugv


Additional advanced technologies are often required to successfully achieve tactical objectives in complex under roof environments. For such situations, Sky-Hero’s sUGV and sUAV can increase their operational capabilities by carrying dedicated payloads.

Typhon’s sound distraction payload provides the operator with 5 single shots or a 5 rounds salvo; each measured at 165+Db and assists with tactical entry, quick deployements, …

The control software for this payload is fully integrated into our Odyssy compatible controller, GCS MkII.

Key features

Sound Distraction System

Fits All Devices

The payloads can be used interchangeably on both unmanned vehicles, Loki MkII and Sigyn MkI

Plug and Go

Easy to install without tools and immediately operational thanks to Sky-Hero self adaptative algorithms and control features


Non-lethal distraction device which negate the risks associated with conventional pyrotechnical devices

Light Design

Specifically designed to be hooked onto mobile platforms where weight and unnecessary complexity is kept to a minimum.

Key features

Sound Distraction System

Weight sUAV Hook
26 g | 0,06 lb
Weight Cradle
86 g | 0,19 lb
Body material
Aluminium 7075-T6 Aviation Grade
79 g | 0,17 lb
Body material
Black Anodised Aluminium 6082
5X 165dB+(A) measured at 1 m
The system can be initiated with a trigger supplied directly from the GCS MkII operator or via an additionnal Safe Trigger system, wired to the GCS.

The fully integrated GCS software allows for operator selection of single event or burst initiation of the Typhon distraction cartridge to provide maximum operational flexibility. Cartridges are easily and quickly inserted/released by the operator with no tools nor external cables requiring connection.


Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System

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